We had a wonderful time on Wednesday evening this week. We were joined by a vegan musician called Emaline Delapaix and her partner, a veggie musician called Lukas Cresswell Ross for an evening of food and music. All of the food served was created by chef Andy Shaw, who co runs Between the Rocks and the Sea alongside Lauren Stevens. Andy created a fusion between Indian and Morroccan food served with homemade flatbreads and various accompaniments. He also created an Italian-inspired dish for those not so keen on spicy food. It went down a treat. desert followed- homemade vegan chocolate tart served with a berry compote and ginger and rose water fritter. All of this was followed by good coffee and tea in our cosy lounge room where the musicians awaited.

The atmosphere was fantastic. A small group of people, well fed and relaxed all chatting and laughing until Lukas and Emaline began to play and Emaline’s powerful voice wove through the air. All were listening and enjoying the sounds. Emaline told the stories of where her songs had come from- the inspiration for her art and was very honest in her descriptions. This was a really captivating method of engaging the audience who were all really enjoying themselves. During the interval, people had a chance to chat to emaline and Lukas and to buy Emalines CD- even to get her to sign it for them. They played another set and finished with a beautiful song. The evening was in the true spirit of a ceilidh, ¬†a gathering of people to share and enjoy.

Watching the musicians in the candlelight in a home, bed and breakfast, holiday let and events venue which we have worked so hard to renovate was really wonderful. Perhaps we will do it again! we would like to thank Emaline and Lukas for coming all the way up to the north coast of Scotland and playing for us. We hope to see them again.