Earth of our ancestors

Ocean of our body and mind

Unlimited possibility, stretching to the horizon

Earth where new and old perspectives meet

A place to witness destruction and renewal

A place of stillness and turbulence

A place of love and homecoming

Sgeirea (Skerray) Gaelic meaning: ‘Between the Rocks and the Sea’….

Welcome to the land of your ancestors, this Earth which holds and supports you as you journey in this life. Skerray, a place of ancient settlements, cliffs, beaches, ocean, river, mountain and moorland. A place for you and me. A place for everyone. Anyone can experience and enjoy Ecotherapy, the door is open.

Ecotherapy: blue sky thinking

Hear the earth calling to you to come home to yourself and to nature. Explore the inner desire to connect with the outside world and to bring the two closer together, to go beyond the boundaries of the self and be present. Beat the drum of grief, of love, of loss, of compassion, of sorrow, of joy and pain. Walk the path of the ancestors and know that in this present you can also hear echoes of the past and whispers of the future. Learn to ground yourself on this precious journey and invite the Earth to witness and support you. Share your wonder with the Earth. In a universe of love, encounter your compassion, the compassion of the Earth, of all sentient and non-sentient beings.

Dare yourself to lose your sense of identity and to dissolve into all beings. Begin the journey of ecotherapy, of your wild nature. Earth nature.

Lauren Stevens is an ecotherapist with an open heart. She is a trainer, an educator and a yoga nidra practitioner. Lauren is an explorer both of the Earth and of human nature. Come and work with her to explore the spaciousness and sacredness of the Earth and of all of us. Lauren offers workshops and longer ecotherapy journeys. She works with all age groups including families with young children (for example in the Wee Wild Bunch programme) and has experience of working with schools and organisations as well as private groups. Lauren (a qualified Forest School practitioner) has written and run Forest School qualification training programmes and bespoke outdoor play and learning skills programmes and has set up projects for children and young people as well as offering ecotherapy experiences.

Details for events for 2017 will be online soon, you can also sign up to our mailing list using the form below and contact Lauren for any further information. If you would like Lauren to come and offer workshops and/or training, do get in touch.

To find out more, please contact Lauren at Between the Rocks and the Sea

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